sensory receptors


digital animation, 8 minutes loop, ABS 3D print, stool and table with three headphones, ca. 2 x 2 x 2 m, 2017

Eigentlich is formed of a table and stools, above which hangs a dome speaker. On the table, an organically shaped 3D-printed object and an animation of the same form coexist. A voice lures you in, to take a seat and listen to the attempted translation of the German word "eigentlich", which does not signify an object or a person, but instead expresses a situation of doubt or compromise. Its definition is stuck between reality and wishful thinking, in which volition struggles with conformity, often resulting in regret.

Simultaneously, it creates a reflective moment of kind thoughtfulness. There are words in each language without direct translation, embodying a culturespecific perception of the world.

Eigentlich Eigentlich Eigentlich

© Stefanie Gerstmayr