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Rhapsodic Cosmology

video, 14 minutes loop, 2015

"Rhapsodic Cosmology" is a new myth of cosmology. It plays with fragments of historical legends and reverses the causality of the beginning. At the outset of the world there is no birth, but a process of digestion. Gerstmayr´s "world" arises in the stomach of herself, where she constructs modules which resemble modular structures of Le Corbusier.

Those cubes form a three-dimensional grid, prepared to be covered with a surface, an agar-agar jacket. This universe is constructed of blocks similar to bits and bytes of computer software. The shaping covering is called "rendering" in computer language. The skin becomes the design of the stomach. Literally translated the meaning could be: the world is a platform to digest yourself. This new story of cosmology remains distanced in a humorous way as well to the old myths of creation as also to alternative feminist theories.

Text by Michael Hofstätter

Rhapsodic Cosmology Rhapsodic Cosmology Rhapsodic Cosmology

© Stefanie Gerstmayr