sensory receptors

Bite the Sunset

(a cure for empathic imbalance and romantic residues), three-channel video installation with sound and tree trunk objects, 10 minutes, loop, 2018

In "Bite the Sunset" mythology gets transferred in the here and now and is linked with discourses around affect and empathy. By excavating fragments of romanticism, still alive in our postmodern minds, a contemporary fiction gets woven. Far from believing in the possibility of overcoming human´s separation from nature, the longing for this utopian potential and the desire for uncritical identification is still present in the people of the 21st century. It is our soft spot making us vulnerable for manipulation, but possibly a source of inspiration as well.

This immersive installation uses and simultaneously deconstructs affective strategies in a Dadaistic manner. Jelly monads discover sad gymnasts and alluring sirens surrounded by dancing sensory receptors. All together they join in a dissonant chorale about the question "what is it, that makes us move forward?"

Bite the Sunset Bite the Sunset Bite the Sunset

© Stefanie Gerstmayr